• 5 Star Business Opportunity from Global HR.

    With our Global HR partner, you can build a repeat income business with excellent earnings in a huge market – every business with employees is a potential customer! Build a successful business working from home or a small office.

LOOKING for Your Lightbulb Moment?

With a Partner from Global HR you can launch your new business immediately after you complete our training course. You can start building a recurring revenue stream the day after your training is complete. Our Partner’s get paid each and every month from their clients, and we do the hard work of acquiring a client once & get paid over and over again. Think about it… You would never have to worry about paying the bills on time again.


Repeat Income

Once you join us, you have a simple marketing plan to follow, and we provide you with all the tools you need to manage our business on your laptop.

To be financially secure, you must have a repeat income stream that is reliable & highly dependable. Because our service is absolutely essential to the operation of any business, every month, you know EXACTLY how much your business is going to make.

ALL payments are collected by Global HR and these payments go directly into your bank account. Your income stream is certain and grows each month you bring on board more customers. If you choose to take time off, your repeat income is not affected, as existing customers keep paying.



Global HR is run on cloud based systems that can be accessed via any device with a web browser. You can manage your business with any device; laptops, tablets, smartphones and computers can all be used to operate you business, sign up customers and setup direct debits.


Blogs For Entrepreneurs

Our FRANCHISE BLOG provides valuable information for entrepreneurs looking to start a business. We examine the world of franchising and all franchise opportunities and provide you with valuable information. Challenging times often present problems, but they also create opportunities to grow.



Employers can access our HR Documents, Templates and Fact Sheets library. They can customize our templates & make their own HR documents quickly and then share them easily with all their employees.

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Performance Management

Talent Development

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